We have extensive experience and know-how in the use of software tools for a correct Phase Design, such as Q'pit©, Minero©, Surpac©, Minesight©, Vulcan© y Datamine/5D Planner©.


What does Q’Pit allow?

  • Design the Final Pit and the midline phases. The design methodology consists of the “Thinking-Doing” philosophy, in which the engineer spends most of the time thinking about new design and optimization strategies and is less concerned with setting and using the tool itself.
  • Carry out detailed mining plans. The plans are generated manually following the Cut Law directive of an Optimization Plan.

Why use Q’Pit?

One of the most critical processes in mine sizing is analyzing multiple phase sets with different mine and plant capacities. This means that a good part of the time has to be spent in designing different exploitation scenarios with different types of phases and with different strategies.

To achieve this goal, you need a tool that provides semi-automatic control to the engineer, but is still powerful and fast and does not waste time setting up. Q’Pit provides process control and, through design, the engineer can understand the reservoir and guide the strategy in a traceable way. Thus, there is no question that the engineer does not know how to answer.

Each decision taken (ramps, switch-back, etc.) corresponds to a cost-benefit analysis carried out by the engineer, who, at no time, ceases to take absolute control.


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