We have extensive experience and know-how in the use of software tools for a correct Transport Simulation, such as Haulsim©, MineHaul©, Haulage© y Vissim©.


It is a mine-dump simulation tool, which allows evaluating the use of ramps and seeing the interaction of phases, as well as determining the requirement of trucks for a mining plan

What does MineHaul allow?

  • Calculate the truck requirement for a mining plan.
  • Analyze the impact on trucks due to changes in the landfill filling sequence.
  • Analyze the operability of a mining plan, based on: truck flow through the ramps, phase interaction, etc..

Why use MineHaul?

  • In the past, the analyzes were incomplete because the interaction of all routes was not analyzed.
  • Any change in the plan meant redoing the analysis completely and wasting a lot of time.
  • It allows very fast analysis of the effect of new dumps and new transport options, such as: trolley, belts, tunnels for trucks, etc.


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