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It is a computational tool that allows controlling all the restrictions that a Mining Plan must have.

What does MinePlan allow?

  • Make a more operational Mining Plan, where the engineer's experience comes into play.
  • Control all the restrictions that the Mining Plan must have. It is easy to modify and report in real time.
  • View the sequencing of the Mining Plan period by period, quickly detecting feasibility problems in its execution.
  • Promote reportability, since it adjusts to the client's need. Even more information can be extracted if it is needed, and as many types of reports can be generated as the planner requires.

Why use MinePlan?

  • The analyzes with this type of tools are more complete due to the fact that different situations of the Mining Plan are analyzed. Thus, the planner must make operational decisions above all and make the necessary adjustments to obtain a good plan.
  • Previously, any change in the plan meant redoing the analysis completely and wasting a lot of time. Now it is simple and does not require too much time, since the results are obtained in real time.
  • Multiple analyzes can be quickly performed by generating evaluations and impacts of different phase designs.
  • MinePlan is very powerful in the way it reports each mining option.
  • It allows to see the Mining Plan in terms of the well-known “saw” and exposed ore.


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