Contamos con amplia experiencia y know-how en la utilización de herramientas de software para una correcto análisis operativo, como Phasor©.


¿Qué es Phasor?

Este software divide el banco en áreas con diferentes productividades, según el trabajo que este realizando: producción, ingreso a rampa, minado de cresta, etc.

De esta manera Phasor nos permite estimar la productividad máxima del banco de una fase según su diseño y la cantidad de equipos que podrían operar en esta. Además Permite secuenciar los equipos en un banco y nos permite identificar si la perforación va a tener suficiente área para trabajar

What does Phasor allow?

  • Estimate the maximum productivity of the bench of a phase according to its design and the amount of equipment that could operate in it.
  • The software divides the bench into areas with different productivities, depending on the work being carried out: production, ramp entry, ridge mining, etc.
  • It allows you to sequence the equipment on a bench and identify if the drilling will have enough area to work.

    Why use Phasor?

    • It allows quantifying and measuring the number of benchs/year that can be mined in one phase. This input is essential in long-term plans.
    • In short-term planning, it makes it possible to verify the operation of a bench, considering the mined areas (with their respective productivity) and the areas enabled for drilling and blasting.
    • Analyze the productivity of a bench-phase with its different configurations: phase length and width, number of ramps per bench; in general, important variables that allow us to analyze the amount of loading equipment that can work without interacting.


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