Planificación Minera Estratégica - Táctica



Open Pit Mine Planning
  • Strategic planning and growth path to capture economic value.
  • Phase designs of strategic open pit mines at different levels of precision.
  • Phases detailed design
  • Sequence of extraction and production planning for long and short term.
  • Estimation of the mining equipment fleet, CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Estimación y certificación de Reservas Minerales (QP).
  • Support systems for business planning and management adding value.
  • Creation of graphic tool for comprehensive planning and decision making.
  • Analysis of Inputs and Mining Planning Parameters.
  • CAD and 3D systems for support analysis and mining planimetry preparation.
  • Data processing: "Information Exploratory Data" Technique - "Data Science" - "Big Data"
  • Machine Learning (ML)
Underground mining planning
  • Selection of exploitation method (Quantitative / Qualitative)
  • Knowledge and benchmarking (block caving, room and pillar, shrinkage stoping, cut and fill, sub level stoping and caving)
  • Análisis y optimización de operaciones básicas de minería subterránea
  • Control de plan de minado subterráneo (modelo de bloques, sistema de minado, dilución).
  • Materials Handling: Loading and Transportation
  • Auxiliary Operations: Ventilation, clearing, fortification, others.
  • Estimation and certification of Mineral Reserves (QP)
  • Underground mining plan 
  • Planning parameters
  • Underground mining method
  • Cut-Off Law - Dilution 
  • Mining Recovery
  • Production and economic evaluation program
  • Design and comparisons of transport and access systems in underground mines.
  • Data processing: "Information Exploratory Data" Technique - "Data Science" - "Machine Learning"
Underground Design and Exploitation Methods

Sub Level Stoping

  • Design criteria
  • Estabilidad de caserones
  • Fortification
  • Diseño de caserones
  • Filling
  • Secuence
  • Ramps design
  • Ventilation
  • Integral design

Sub Level Caving

  • Design criteria
  • Extraction ellipsoid
  • Galleries mesh
  • Drill and blast diagram

Transverse or longitudinal SLC

  • Productive capacity
  • Material handling design
  • Ventilation
  • Integral design

Block Caving

  • Design criteria
  • Extraction ellipsoid
  • Column calcultations
  • Productive capacity
  • Extraction mesh
  • BC variants
  • Material handling design
  • Ventilation
  • Integral design


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