Evaluación y soporte de proyectos

PROJECTS EVALUATION AND SUPPORT (Geology - Mining - Geometallurgy - Geotechnics - Engineering LB)


Discipline: GEOLOGY
  • Services: Geological Models - Estimation of Mineral Resources and Reserves
  • Specialized Reports like JORC – SK1300 – NI 43-101
  • Regional Geology and Definition of Exploration Stages
  • Geometallurgy: Numerical Models 
  • OP & UG Mine Geology and Data Science 
  • Reviews and Audits (High Level Review and Due Diligence)
  • Academic Support and Workshops for Companies (Qa / Qc; Geometallurgy and Applied Geostatistics; Fundamentals for Mineral Resources).
  • Services: Design of open pit slopes. Levels of conceptual studies, pre-feasibility, feasibility, operations and closure
    • Geotechnical research and laboratory testing program.
    • Geotechnical modeling (geological, structural, rock mass and hydrogeological model).
    • Structural and resistance domain - Structural Analysis and Kinematic Analysis.
    • Rock mass analysis: limit equilibrium method.
    • Sensitivity analysis of inter-ramp slopes and Generation of geotechnical sectors.
    • Slope monitoring and geotechnical risk assessment program.


  • Stability analysis development
    • It includes stability analysis in the waste rock deposit, tailings dam, leach pads, foundations of process plants. Levels of conceptual studies, pre-feasibility, feasibility, operations and closure.
    • Geotechnical research and laboratory testing program. 
    • Physical stability analysis.
    • Mining infrastructure foundation analysis.
    • Slope monitoring program.


    • Geotechnical research and laboratory testing program.
    • Interpretation and structural analysis.
    • Geotechnical modeling (geological, structural, rock mass and hydrogeological model).
    • Geomechanical zoning
    • Underground stability analysis.
  • Obtaining permits, authorizations and licenses for the use of groundwater from Government Entities.
  • Research and evaluation of hydrogeological resources as a component of baseline studies, environmental impact, rehabilitation, closure and post-closure.
  • Development of hydrogeology workshops for the communities involved in mining projects, in Spanish and Quechua, as a basis for the presentations and approval of Public Hearings.
  • Geophysical investigation for the identification of hydrogeological resources and evaluations of karst hydrogeology.
  • Exploration and evaluation of groundwater for sustainable supply and/or mine drainage.
  • Mine and processing plant water balance.
  • Development of conceptual model and numerical modeling of transport and flow.
  • Aquifers management and monitoring in industrial and mining areas.
  • Research and management control for extraction, storage, recharge and recovery of aquifers.
  • Mine closure evaluations, both for open pits, underground workings, waste dumps, tailings and other infrastructures.
  • Hydrology
    • Upper and lower basin systems hydrological analysis.
    • Evaluación de suministro de aguas superficiales.
    • Evaluation of sustainability and hydrological impacts.
    • Surface water calculation and balance.
    • Development of conceptual models and numerical models based on availability analysis and water management.
  • Hydrogeochemical
  • Environment and Permits
  • Risk workshops and applications.
  • Signed documents; Calculation Memory; Blueprints; Process and single-line diagrams of:
    • Civil Engineering
    • Soil Geomechanics
    • Electromechanical Engineering
    • Ingeniería de Geomensura
    • Surface and subsurface water pumping piping engineering
    • Electrical power engineering
    • Planimetry development and generation of blueprints in autocad or other software


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